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Data Backup & Storage

Even the most reliable systems will fail eventually, so a well-designed back-up strategy is essential to ensure the smooth running of your business. There are many options for backing up your data, including removable hard drives, tapes, cloud based storage and off-site replication to name but a few. AlfaBytes can recommend and implement a strong…
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Servers – Workstations

We have extensive experience in repairing, rebuilding and installing file-servers from across all manufacturers. Our expertise covers both hardware and software faults, so you can be sure we will provide the answer. We work on leading-edge server technology, but are just as comfortable working with older systems, and have built a reputation with many of…
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Data Recovery

Does your business have a disaster recovery plan? As an AlfaBytes Contract customer we include rebuilding your systems from backup in the event of a disaster. We also offer various plans from coming to work at our offices to sourcing a new temporary building for you and supplying computers to work on during this time.…
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