The company I work for has used Alfabytes for years.  Anytime we have problems with our computers or have gotten a virus, they have sent someone straight there and had us back up and running in no time.  I highly recommend calling them for all of your computer repairs.  The price and the service are great.

Bradley Grosh, http://Manager

After getting a recommendation from another company, we gave Alfabytes a try.  The service was quick and the price lower than anyone else we have used.  I highly recommend them to anyone who needs computer work.

Anette Pug, http://Owner

After using Alfabytes at my office for computer repairs as well as Backup Services for our off site storage, I had them take care of all of my personal laptops at home as well.  This company is great and I highly recommend them for any computer needs.  They are now installing our phones at my office, after beating all of the competitors for price!  Everyone should call them first.

Chandra Vasquez, http://Office%20Manager